Murder in Santa Barbara

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Deputy District Attorney Joshua Rizzetti has a run-of-the-mill misdemeanor case set for trial, until an unexplained murder postpones it. If he can't quickly figure out its connection to his case, the next murder will be his.


This edge-of-your-seat legal thriller, with a twist of humor, will have you hooked from the beginning, and unable to put it down until you reach the clever, thrilling ending.

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Captivating. Brilliantly written. The imagery will make you feel like you are in Santa Barbara.

For his first time at bat (as an Author), he knocked it out of the park! I loved this story that Dean Ferraro brought to life. Obviously the Author used his past experiences to create a story that helps the reader navigate through the complex halls of our legal system. Mr. Ferraro used suspense, humor and his EXTENSIVE knowledge of 80's music in an entertaining and captivating way. I was never bored. His description of his characters made this reader feel like he knew them on a personal level. [L]ooking forward to Josh's next big adventure. BUY THIS BOOK!!

Great debut mystery novel. Numerous twists and turns that kept me engaged the entire read!

Loved it! Great Read and love the familial references. Very entertaining with lots of plot twists and turns. Bravo Dean Ferraro!. Looking forward to your next murder mystery! Cant wait until it comes out!

Murder in VAIL

Now Available!

   Deputy D.A. Joshua Rizzetti and his best friend go on vacation to Vail, Colorado to ski, relax and unwind from their recent knock on death’s door. But their ski escape unexpectedly gets derailed, as murder once again crosses their path and puts their lives at risk, turning their dream vacation into a terrifying nightmare!

Very Entertaining!

A fun read with lots of twists and turns! Looking forward to book 3! Really enjoying the Josh Rizzetti books!

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